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Your Privacy is up most important to us, so we are clear about how we gather,

process and share your personal information.


This policy has been created to help you understand the following: 

  • What personal information do we require from you? 

  • How do we use your personal information? 

  • Who do we share your personal data with? 

  • How long do we retain and store your personal Data? 

  • How do we keep your data safe? 

  • What precautions we take to keep your data safe. 

  • Lawful Basis For Using your Personal Data. 

  • What happens if you do not provide this Personal Information? 

  • Do we transfer your personal information outside the EU and what safeguards are in place? 

  • Do we collect any other information from you? 


This Privacy Policy outlines what personal information we collect about you when you interact with The World Awaits You Travel Ltd and use our services. 


The World Awaits You Travel's Privacy policy has been created to help explain the choices you have related to how we use and process your personal data. It covers how you have the right to object to certain uses of your personal data and the process of how you can update the information we have relating to you. If you do not agree with this privacy policy please do not opt in for any of our services and other aspects regarding The World Awaits You Travel Ltd 


What personal information do we require from you? 
We collect and store your personal data when you provide it to us when using our services. This will include your contact details so we can send quotations and important travel information such as tickets and booking information. 

What do we use your personal information? 
We collect and process your personal data in a number of ways dependant on what services you use and how you prefer to be contacted by The World Awaits you Travel. Below details the instances in which we will collect and process your personal data.  


We will need to collect, process and store your information to send quotations for requested products and services.  


Marketing purposes: 
We collect, store and process your personal data so we can keep you up to date on our products, services and special offers including events that we think you may be interested in. We sometimes tailor our communications to our clients based on previous bookings and services you have purchased from The World Awaits You travel. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters and promotional marketing emails using the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of our communications. Alternatively you can contact any of the team to request we remove your personal data entirely. Please visit  


For Bookings:  
We collect, Store and Process your personal data so we can contact you with regards to quotations, payments, flight and accommodation details for security purposes. 

Dependant on services obtained by The World Awaits You Travel, your destination and circumstances we sometimes need to disclose mandatory information for immigration, border control, security and for anti-terrorism purposes or any other purposes deemed appropriate. In some situations countries will only allow travel if passenger information is provided in advance. In some cases we may need to exercise our discretion to assist where appropriate.  

We sometimes need to collect personal data considered to be special category such as health and religion so we can act in your best interest. In such cases we will on request this data for booking purposes and we have been given explicit consent.  


Giving Consent:  
We sometimes need process your personal data for specific purposes not listed in this privacy policy. An example of this is we may request consent to publish feedback of testimonials you have provided us with regarding our services and products when given permission by you. 

Lawful Basis For Using your Personal Data: 


We collect, store and process your personal information because you have requested that The World Awaits You Travel does something for you. For instance send you a quotation or take payment information for products and services you have purchased. 


We collect, store and process your personal information in relation to a contract you have entered into with The World Awaits You Travel for products and services you have requested or purchased. Such as Quotations, Invoices and Transfers, Car Hire or Travel Insurance. 


It is sometimes necessary to process "special category" personal information  

Legitimate Interest:  
When acquiring any of our services such as, quotations, attendance to our events, competitions or download information from our systems (including our website) we would like to keep in touch regarding promotional offers, Services and information we believe you will be interested in: for example travel news or how Brexit impacts travel. If you no longer wish to receive these communications please email or use the unsubscribe function on our newsletter emails.  

What Happens if you do not provide us with Personal Information? 
Without your personal information it is not possible for us to respond to queries or to purchase our products and services. 



Who do we share your data with? 
Your Privacy and personal data is of upmost importance to us at The World Awaits You Travel. Under no circumstances will we share sell or rent your personal information with third parties for Marketing & Advertising purposes. Information will only be shared with legitimate companies involved in the purchase of our products and services following GDPR regulation at all times. 

When purchasing products and services from us we must pass your personal information to our trusted suppliers to process your travel arrangements, this included and is not limited to, Airlines, hotels, transport companies for transfers and car hire, public authorities such as customs and immigration. When confirming a booking with us you agree and provide consent for the us to share you information in the circumstances mentioned above.  
We sometimes use GDPR compliant third party software to help us with tasks and as a result need to process you data via there systems for the process of bookings, and sending you direct marketing emails from us. Your information is bound by contracts to ensure they do now process and share your personal data for their own marketing processes.  


How long do we need to keep your data? 
We only retain your personal data for as long as we deem appropriate, and will not be kept for longer than it is necessary. 

Personal data supplied to The World Awaits You Travel for purposes of holiday enquires or quotations will be retained for a minimum period relating to the quotation we have provided and the maximum period of time of the length of our business relationship.  

Personal data provided to The World Awaits You Travel for the purpose of general enquiries will be kept until we have answered your query. 

Personal data related to your bookings will be stored securely and will remain on our internal systems in accordance with the law relating to income tax and for auditing. We do not store any payment details.  


How do we keep your data safe? 
The World Awaits you travel takes the responsibility of collecting, storing and processing your Personal information seriously and we have put safeguards in place where ever possible to protect your personal data.  

We ensure our website is secure using SSL encryption following industry cyber security standards set out by google, ensuring data transmitted across the internet between The World Awaits You travels website and our visitors is not intercepted and observed, 

All third party systems and data processors we work with are GDPR compliant ensuring they take the protection of your personal data as seriously as we do and follow the new data protection laws and guidelines.  

The World Awaits You travel has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure your personal information is safe and secure. All members of staff have received training on the new GDPR regulations and guidelines and adhere to GDPR at all times.  

We have put in place many security systems across our IT environment including our Website, Email servers and internal systems that collect, store and process your personal data. 


Sharing your information with third parties outside the EU and what safeguards are in place? 
As a travel company it is sometimes necessary for us and our suppliers to send your personal data outside the EU and outside the EC list of countries deemed to have adequate levels of data protection for international transfers of data in order to provide services in line with your booking. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding this matter.  


Do we collect any other personal information from you? 
Like most companies our website utilises cookies. Cookies are small files of information sent from our website to your computer and stored on your local hard drive to allow our website to recognise you when you visit our website and optimise the user experience. For example storing your preferences and caching the web page for improved performance when loading pages. Our cookies do not identify you are an individual but can collect statistics regarding what pages you visited and how you interacted with our website. 


Changes to you privacy policy 
We may need to change our privacy policy at times. Any changes will be detailed in this policy located on our website. 

The World Awaits You Data Protection & Privacy Policy

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